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Constipation can be distressing for kids and parents alike. To help both parents and kids to better understand constipation and encopresis, Care Pharmaceuticals have put together Gusto's Guide to Perfect Poo's. 

Children's Parachoc Training Diary:

This Training Diary is designed specifically to help parents with this distressing subject.

It contains easy to understand, detailed information on both constipation and encopresis and a training diary to help children to achieve regular bowel movements. 

Download the Childrens Parachoc Training Diary 



The Training Diary

The training diary encourages regular toilet visits and helps parents to track their child’s bowel movements in a fun and interactive manner. It also provides a comprehensive history for your GP at follow up appointments. If you would like to order this guide please contact us directly.

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Additional diary pages

If you already have the Diary and need extra diary pages for tracking your childs progress, you can download a pdf of them here to print at home.

Add some colour

Download a child friendly story explaining the causes and treatment of constipation.

The story presented in this book is simple and fun. Your child will find it amusing and easy to understand.

Your child can colour this book, while the picture puzzle on the back page has been specifically designed to keep your child entertained while spending time on the toilet.

Get the poo to the loo!

Download Ben’s favourite maze game, where he finds a way to get his poo safely to the loo.

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