Nasal Congestion

What is nasal congestion caused by?

The most common cause of nasal congestion is the temporary swelling of nasal passages due to colds or allergic reactions to pollen, dust, mould, animals or even certain foods. The nasal membranes lining the nose become inflamed, mucus thickens and becomes acidic.

What can I do when my child has a blocked nose?

A blocked nose can make your child feel miserable. When treating nasal congestion the key factor is NOT to dry the mucus, but to make it thinner, less sticky and easier to move. This can be done by using Children’s FESS Nasal Spray, a non-medicated saline nasal spray.

Children’s FESS is a non-medicated, preservative and additive free saline spray that is ideal for children. Made from micro-filtered sea water, it helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion due to allergies, sinusitis, colds and flu.

Regular use helps keep your kid’s nose healthy by washing away dust and pollen and stimulating the nose’s natural defences.

For younger children in your family try FESS Little Noses Saline Nose Drops and Spray which comes with an aspirator to help remove mucus from newborn and babies noses. For Adults try the FESS Range.

Colds: The Mucociliary Clearance System is part of your kids shield against common upper respiratory tract infections, like colds. Tiny hairs and mucus stop dust, pollen and other pollutants reaching the lungs. Using FESS daily helps thin mucus so it flows more easily, helping keep your kid’s nose healthy.

Sinusitis: FESS relieves congestion caused by inflamed sinus and nasal cavities, promoting nasal health.

Allergies: FESS washes away dust, pollen and other allergens and helps clear your kid’s nose. FESS is also ideal for use before medicated nasal sprays including antihistamines and steroids. FESS clears the thick mucus allowing the medication to effectively penetrate the mucous membrane.

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Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional


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